SNCF seeks to bring Jesus Christ to nurses, equipping and helping them find meaning and purpose in their work.

About SNCF

SNCF is an interdenominational organization existing to strengthen Christian life and witness within the Nursing profession. Founded in 1960, it is part of Nurses’ Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) which has a membership of over 30 countries. SNCF is also one of the 8 Foundation Members of St. Luke’s Hospital for the Elderly (now known as St. Luke’s Hospital).

Our Goals

  • Promote spiritual growth amongst Christian nurses by devotional reading of the Bible and by prayer;
  • Encourage all members in their witness to the Lord Jesus as Saviour and God and to seek to lead other nurses to a personal faith in Him;
  • Foster the missionary spirit among nurses and to help those members who are serving the Lord in spreading the Gospel;
  • Assist the nurses to relate their faith to their profession.

What We Do

  • Monthly prayer meeting
  • Professional seminars and conferences
  • Social-get-togethers
  • Outreach activities
  • Community projects


Here are some events lined up for you. Click below to find out more details on what we have in-store for you.

Resources & Outreach

As a member country of NCFI, we share some resources that are helpful to help Christian nurses integrate their faith into their nursing practice, education, leadership and research.
Outreach, They are short term mission trips that we undertake.



Membership is open to Nurses, and Midwives, locally certified Health Care Assistants, Nursing Aides and Nursing Students who affirm your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord, with the Bible as the Word of God as well as your desire to witness for Christ. This is in alignment with our objectives to promote spiritual growth among Christian nurses, relating their faith to their profession, thus being witnesses and fostering missionary spirit to spread the gospel of Christ.


All donations are welcome. Your giving can help us expand our ministry. Thank you for your support. Please click here to find out more.