About Us

SNCF is an interdenominational organization existing to strengthen Christian life and witness within the Nursing profession. Founded in 1960, it is part of Nurses’ Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) which has a membership of over 30 countries. SNCF is also one of the 8 Foundation Members of St. Luke’s Hospital for the Elderly (now known as St. Luke’s Hospital).

About us

Executive Committee


Ms Alice Phua


Chen Xiaojuan

Honorary Secretary

Beatrice Foo

Honorary Treasurer

Janet Kang


Serene Kang


Irene Tan

Pan Ning

Pan Ning


Our Motto

One in Christ

Mission Statement

SNCF seeks to bring Jesus Christ to nurses, equipping and helping them
find meaning and purpose in their work.

Spiritual Growth

To promote spiritual growth amongst Christian nurses by devotional reading of the Bible and by prayer.

Encouragement of Faith

To encourage all members in their witness to the Lord Jesus as Saviour and God, and to seek to lead other nurses to a personal faith in Him.


Missionary Spirit

To foster the missionary spirit amongst nurses, and to help those members who are serving the Lord in spreading the Gospel.

Relation of Faith

To equip and assist nurses to relate their faith to their profession.